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    Posted on Jul 18, 2012

    4Chan Hacks To Make Rape Jokes

    It's your predictable misogynistic free-for-all.

    For about 12 hours now, has been the playground of hackers who've filled the site with sexist alleged jokes about horse blow jobs, rape, and more. Fake headlines include: "men are superior get over it!!!!" and "how to get raped 1 to 1." According to a lengthy discussion thread on Reddit, hackers from the 4chan community are behind it.

    But first, wait, what is Well, it's nothing really. According to the Wayback Archive (which features screengrabs of websites on different dates), the site was "under construction" in 2011, but otherwise hasn't been an active website in about ten years. So yes, it's an attack on feminism, but it's not an attack on an actual functioning organization.

    Take a look at some screenshots of the page from the past few hours:

    The photo is of Gabe Newell, the founder of a video game company called Valve. Posting his photo is a popular joke among 4chan users.

    This is what the Google search for looks like.

    Here are fake course descriptions offered by the "Feminist Psychology Institute."

    And this is another screenshot of the page at one point during the hack.

    So it's basically another example of subpar misogynistic rape-based humor to add to this summer's archives. At least it's on a site no one's looked at in a decade anyway — weak humor and weak hacking.