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29 Absolutely Terrible Craft Ideas

Do we really need to DIY things out of lint?

1. Baked potato hamster.

2. Toilet paper earrings.

3. Louis Vuitton printed assault rifle.

4. Leg warmers for a stool.

5. Another waste of knitting: men's shorts.

6. Monkey chair.

7. Playing card corset.

8. Under-the-sea-themed cake with live fish.

9. Tampon gun and bullets.

10. Tampon ghost.

11. Heart-shaped tampon earrings.

12. DIY tampons.

13. Paula Dean wine glass decal.

14. Studded butt pockets.

15. Carved pumpkin with breasts giving birth.

16. Hand-painted jeans.

17. Figurines made from clay made from dryer lint.

18. Deformed foot cake.

19. Paper Chanel bag.

20. Duck foot pumps.

21. Razor blade soap.

22. Fake flowers, made from buttons.

23. Unicorn bike with horn and tail.

24. Deer hoof Christmas ornament.

25. Fake eyelash necklace.

26. Fake bird's nest as scrunchie.

27. Preserved orange peel hair floret.

28. Handbag lamp.

29. Lamp made of melted legos.