25 Ways Celebrity Closets Are Different From Yours

    Chandeliers, multiple Birkin bags, tiny white dogs on really huge ottomans, extremely organized shoes — these are the privileges of famous people. You probably can't have their closets but maybe they'll inspire you with decorating ideas for your, like, living room.

    1. They have chandeliers.

    2. And chandelier wallpaper.

    3. And Zebra accent carpet.

    4. Or, for the arguably less tacky: white shag carpet.

    5. Celebrity closets have full walls of shoes from companies they started.

    6. A three-level table just for purses isn't out of place in a celeb's closet.

    7. On the subject of accessories, this is how many gold shoes celebrities have.

    8. And black studded shoes.

    9. Celeb closets are so big they need ladders to access all of them.

    10. Large square ottomans fit inside these closets, no problem.

    11. As do round pink velvet ottomans.

    12. Louis Vuitton luggage serves as a side table.

    13. Bouquets of fresh roses accent mirrored dressers.

    14. Some celeb closets look like big hunting lodges.

    15. Celeb closets are impeccably organized, with jeans ordered by color.

    16. Famous people get to have sunglass racks, like you might find in a TJ Maxx.

    17. Or entire sunglass ROOMS.

    18. Walls full of hats.

    19. And some celebs just have walls full of sneakers.

    20. Multiple Hermès Birkin bags are not an unusual sighting.

    21. Some celebs put kitchens in their closets.

    22. Celeb closets have artwork on the walls, like sketches of the dresses they've wore to the Oscars.

    23. Fireplaces appear in celeb closets.

    24. Celebs select out outfits in the presence of nude paintings.

    25. Shoes don't get strewn carelessly across they floor.