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    24 Surprisingly Easy Halloween Party DIYs

    Turn your refrigerator into a ghost, or make a jack-o'-lantern out of a pineapple.

    1. Make eyeball cakepops.


    Draw on white cakepops with edible ink pens to make them look like creepy eyeballs.

    2. Or make eyeballs out of the bottom of an egg carton.

    3. Turn your refrigerator into a ghost.


    Glue magnets to the back of cutout black paper or foam.

    4. Or your garage into a jack-o'-lantern.


    Using orange holiday lights.

    5. Freeze water in a latex glove to make an ice hand.

    Put it in a red punch.

    6. Make scary ribs.


    Put a red pepper with a knife in it in between a rack of ribs.

    7. Attach pipe cleaners to mini pumpkins to make Halloween spiders.

    8. Carve a jack-o'-lantern...into a cheese quesadilla.

    9. Put socks and witch shoes on the legs of a table.

    10. Or under your doormat.


    Use cotton batting, pool noodles, or cardboard tubes from a paper towel for the legs here.

    11. Hollow out mini pumpkins and fill them with wax to make pumpkin candles.

    12. Drip red wax over long white candles to make bleeding candles.

    13. Make a jack-o'-lantern out of a pineapple.

    14. Or an orange.

    15. Or a bottle of orange soda.

    16. Serve drinks out of a pumpkin.


    Hollow out half a pumpkin and place a bowl filled with ice inside and you've got an ice bucket.

    17. Use ducting hose to make a fake pumpkin.


    Pick up the ducting and some orange spray paint at a hardware store. Then throw some twigs on top.

    18. Make ghost strawberries.

    Dip in white chocolate, decorate with dark chocolate.

    19. Color a mason jar to make a ghost, zombie, or jack-o'-lantern.


    Use tissue paper and mod podge. Instructions here.

    20. Or turn a mason jar into a glowing lantern.


    Drop in a broken glowstick and shake.

    21. Or wrap a mason jar in gauze to make a mummy jar.


    Paint the jar with mod podge or glue to make it stick. Attach googly eyes and drop a candle in.

    22. Use radishes and olives to make eyeballs for a martini.


    Slice most of the red off the radish, just leaving a bit so the eyes look slightly bloodshot. Complete instructions here.

    23. Use cheesecloth to make a floating ghost.


    Build a ghost shape out of a soda bottle, wire, and a ball. Spray with starch and let dry. Here's how you do it exactly.

    24. Or rip cheesecloth and hang it from the ceilings.