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19 Amazingly Random Celebrity Couples From Fashion Week

Celebrities always sit next to each other in the front row at fashion shows, which makes for some excellently awkward photo ops!

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2. Elizabeth Olsen and Liv Tyler

Jemal Countess / Getty Images

They clearly had to wear clothing by whoever invited them, and that designer evidently wanted to dress them like members of the same girl band.


5. Martha Stewart, Joan Rivers, and Star Jones

Andy Kropa / Getty Images

If you're going to get forced into a staged front-row celebrity photo, at least give your comrades bunny ears. You get +1,000, Joan.

7. Vanessa Hudgens, Shay Mitchell, and Morgan Saylor

Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

I really want to believe that Dana from Homeland and Vanessa Hudgens are huge closets fans of Pretty Little Liars and are gushing about it right now.