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    19 Amazing Captions From Kathie Lee And Hoda

    The fourth hour of Today is really the best.

    1. "Why Guys Are The Way They Are"

    2. "Sasha Obama Starts School With Ugly Doll"

    3. "Is It Okay To Kiss Your Dog On The Lips?"

    Important questions!

    4. "Celebrating Wines-Day: Sipping On Boxed Wine"


    Important note! Kathie Lee and Hoda are not drinking alcohol on the show for the month of January. I repeat: no booze. Wines-Day is currently on hold.

    5. "Is It Ok For Royals To Act Like Commoners?"

    Short answer: NO.

    6. "Ellen Tweets Back To Kathie Lee"

    7. "Kathie Lee's Melting Meno-Pot"


    Further details not needed.

    8. "Kathie Lee's Mad Dash In Car Headed To Studio 1A"

    How meta.

    9. "Kathie Lee, Hoda And Their Moms Go Bowling"


    10. "Tokens Of Love: The Feel Good Bag"

    11. "Is It Ok To Use Fame To Beat A Parking Ticket?"


    Americans demand to know the answer!

    12. "Tori Spelling Tells Us She's Not Pregnant But Tweets She Is"

    13. "Roll In The Hay: Study Finds Fat Men Make Better Lovers"

    14. "Kathie Lee's Hair Hot Topic On Facebook"

    15. "Secret Agent Man"

    16. "Strike A Pose: A Certain Way To Stand For Photos"

    17. "Dealing With Awkward Situations"

    18. "Feels Like Sleepwear But Looks Like Jeans"

    19. "Things That Make You Go Hmmm: Booty Pillow, $29.99"

    And yes, that is Nick Lachey.

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