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    18 Fashion Dos And Don'ts For Summer Music Festivals

    Photos from this weekend's Lollapalooza serve as further proof that we need to retire plastic neon sunglasses. Has no one learned their lesson?

    1. DON'T: Wear designer bags and shoes just because you can.

    2. DO: Make a fashion statement with a dress that's actually cool.

    3. DON'T: Take boring group shots.

    4. DO: Take a photo with this guy.

    5. DON'T: Wear t-shirts with cliche references to drugs and alcohol.

    DO: Drink water!

    6. DON'T: Wear cheap, cheesy neon sunglasses.

    7. DO: Wear stylish oversized shades.

    8. DON'T: Wear a bra as a top.

    9. DO: Wear a bra as a top if it's part of a stylized, athletic 80s statement outfit.

    10. DON'T: Put your kid in a cardboard box.

    11. DO: Give your kid an awesome mohawk.

    12. DON'T: Stick a pacifier in your mouth.

    13. DO: Stick a grilled cheese on a stick in your mouth.

    14. DON'T: Wear a hat that says "SWAG"

    15. DO: Wear a hat that is a stuffed animal octopus.

    16. DON'T: Get muddy just to show how down with summer festivals you are.

    17. DON'T: Wear a cutesy animal face mask.

    18. DO: Wear a full horse head.