18 Fashion Dos And Don’ts For Summer Music Festivals

Photos from this weekend’s Lollapalooza serve as further proof that we need to retire plastic neon sunglasses. Has no one learned their lesson?

1. DON’T: Wear designer bags and shoes just because you can.

This Chanel bag and these Chloé shoes together cost a few thousand bucks. Probably not a wise choice for a packed, muddy outdoor concert.

2. DO: Make a fashion statement with a dress that’s actually cool.

Steve Mitchell / AP

Thank you, Florence Welch.

Steve Mitchell / AP

3. DON’T: Take boring group shots.

If you’re going to corral a group of rowdy revelers avoid the boring staring-at-the-camera posing at all costs. There’s no point clogging up the social media channels with this nonsense — enough exist out there already and they stopped giving everyone NOT in the shot FOMO about ten years ago.

4. DO: Take a photo with this guy.

Of all the photos you show your grandchildren of your youth, this is the one they’ll actually remember.

5. DON’T: Wear t-shirts with cliche references to drugs and alcohol.

Drugs. You took them. We get it.

Even if the substances aren’t illicit, there’s no need to broadcast how you plan to end up at the end of the day.

DO: Drink water!

In the likely event you consume alcohol, H20 is always a good chaser. It’s 100 degrees out. No one wants you to collapse.

6. DON’T: Wear cheap, cheesy neon sunglasses.

May they live and die at frat parties.

Note: matching bandanas do not help the situation.

7. DO: Wear stylish oversized shades.

8. DON’T: Wear a bra as a top.

9. DO: Wear a bra as a top if it’s part of a stylized, athletic 80s statement outfit.

10. DON’T: Put your kid in a cardboard box.

11. DO: Give your kid an awesome mohawk.

Baby mohawks are generally a go anywhere.

12. DON’T: Stick a pacifier in your mouth.

13. DO: Stick a grilled cheese on a stick in your mouth.

Festival food > pieces of plastic used to quiet crying babies

14. DON’T: Wear a hat that says “SWAG”

You’re not Justin Bieber’s Twitter feed so just stop.

15. DO: Wear a hat that is a stuffed animal octopus.

Which is at least ten times more creative than SWAG.

16. DON’T: Get muddy just to show how down with summer festivals you are.

Theo Wargo / Getty Images

Zero percent sexy.

Steve Mitchell / AP

17. DON’T: Wear a cutesy animal face mask.

18. DO: Wear a full horse head.

If you’re going to go there, give it 110 percent, you know?

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