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14 Easy Ways To Recycle, Repurpose, And Revive Your Old Makeup

Admit it — you hardly ever use up a makeup product anyway. So why not save a buck and turn your eyeshadow into nail polish, and fix that cracked bronzer palette instead of throwing it out or spilling it everywhere?

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1. Melt old lipsticks together to create a rich new color.


When you get to the bottom of a few lipsticks, scoop out what's left with a small knife and melt them together in a large spoon. If you're worried that you'll look like you're cooking crack, try using a microwave. Pour the completed contents into a small container and leave it in the refrigerator to harden.

2. Fix cracked pressed powder, bronzer, or eyeshadow by pouring alcohol in it.

Use a spoon to mush the contents of the palette into a powder and then add rubbing alcohol, stirring to create a thick paste. Let it sit overnight, allowing the alcohol to evaporate and leaving the powder solid and whole again.

Tip: The higher alcohol content, the faster it will evaporate and harden. 70% or 90% is ideal.


6. Turn a dried out lipstick into a tinted lip balm.

Mix an old lipstick with petroleum jelly, melt over heat, pour into a small container, and let sit in the refrigerator. Try a pretty tin box, or an old container of Altoids. Full instructions here.