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10 Ways Storms Affect Sex And Procreation

Do people really get that freaky during storms? Here's everything you've ever wanted to know about hurricane sex.

1. 70% of Americans have had sex during a thunderstorm or tornado.

2. But only 7% of people said they'd had sex during a hurricane.

3. 83% of Americans say rainy days or nights are the best time for sex.

4. More women than usual get pregnant during low-risk storms, but fewer women get pregnant during severe storms.

5. Parents are more likely to make more babies during storms than non-parents.

6. People seem to think sex is hotter during a hurricane.

7. Hurricane names often become popular baby names.

8. Blackout babies are a myth.

9. So are blizzard babies.

10. But over a number of years, large and fatal disasters can cause people to have more children.