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10 Ways Christina Aguilera Has Become A Crazy Fashion Icon

From sparkly discs on her head, zebra print and a whole lot of eye makeup — this diva is keeping her judge's seat interesting.

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First, there's her "I'M HOT" look. Outfits include:

1. This dress (and accompanying facial expression)!

Her lips will go on. And on!

Her lips will go on. And on!

2. This Zebra!

3. This corset!

There was also the "UNSUBTLE EYELINER" phase. It involved:

4. This all-the-way-around-the-eyeliner.

5. THIS eyeliner.

Up next, the "HUH?" phase! Xtina threw such wild cards at us! Such as:

6. These braids.

7. This "hat."

She also enjoyed a quick "BUSINESSWOMAN WITH AN EDGE" phase. Comprised entirely of:

8. This blazer with a cute smiling heart.

But then, back to stranger items! To finish things off, the "NOT REALLY SOMETHING YOU SHOULD WEAR ON A COMPETITION REALITY SHOW" phase, which includes:

9. This workout top.

10. This curtain/bedspread/tablecloth/Coachella reject dress.

The best things at three price points