13 Awesome Vintage Photos Of Hillary Clinton

The internet’s been going wild for some great photos of Hillary Clinton, birthing a meme and everything. Here are some great shots from childhood to just before her days in the White House for you to start NEW memes with.

1. 1950: Baby Hillary

National Archives / Via Flickr: pingnews

2. Late 1960s: Hillary with classmates at Wellesley College

3. Late 1960s: Hillary at Wellesley College

4. 1969: Hillary speaking at Wellesley Commencement

5. 1972: Hillary and Bill at Yale Law School

6. 1975: Hillary and Bill’s wedding in Arkansas

7. 1975: Hillary and Bill in Arkansas

8. 1980: Hillary and Bill on the day they brought Chelsea home from the hospital

9. 1983: Hillary and Bill Meeting Ronald Reagan

That dress!

10. 1985: Hillary in her gown for the inaugural ball.

11. 1992: Hillary with Tipper Gore and broccoli

Brad Markel / Getty Images

Hillary was aware of the importance of broccoli politics way back when.

12. 1992: Hillary, Bill and Chelsea at the Democratic Convention in New York

13. 1992: Hillary on her way to a party in Texas

Ron Galella / Getty Images

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