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Posted on Dec 10, 2017

17 Scottish People Who Won't Be Joining Us In 2018 Because They Are Dead

R.I.P. these people because they are surely dead now.

1. Chloe.

Even if the fridge didn't kill her, her flatmates will.

2. This lucky bus dodger in Glasgow.


Who probably won't be as lucky next time.

3. These amateur Usain Bolts.


4. Greg.

PSA: Don't punch electric light fittings if you want to live to a ripe old age.

5. This flag-dangler at TRNSMT.

How did he get up there in the first place?!

6. This high-diver, who barely missed the rocks.

So unwise.

7. This BMX champion.

Danny McAskill doesn't have much to worry about.

8. And this deeply misguided cyclist.

Braw morning fur what? A cycle in the sea ?

That's...not how bikes work.

9. This gymnast who should have put down a crash mat.


10. These Aberdonian danglers.

They should take up a less dangerous hobby, like putting forks in electric sockets.

11. This overconfident scooter-lover.

That's why you don't use them indoors.

12. This man and his cat.

Just fell through the roof trying to get the cat canny believe it she's still up there tae

The cat's definitely a goner.

13. Tasha.

Hahahahahahahahaha could not be happier this was caught on camera

She no longer has a bum, and no one can survive without a bum.

14. This high-rise sunbather in Glasgow.

Twitter: @scots_wa_hey

Who was about five floors up.

15. This pigeon-kisser.

She has pigeon ebola now.

16. This guy, who is probably no longer with us.

asked for a vodka n coke last night in menorca n look at the fuckin state ae that, that's a pint glass, that's atte…

Spanish bar staff clearly want to kill him.

17. And last but not least, Dylan and anyone else that was in Callum's house when this happened.

May have set Callum's house on fire

R.I.P. guys, and R.I.P. those nice kitchen units.

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