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23 Of The Most WTF Things That Happened At T In The Park 2016

It's definitely the most intense festival on Earth. H/T Oot Yer Nut At T.

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2. This grumpy guy in a sombrero basically became a meme.

When your maw says your no getting fajitas


4. But the mud didn't stop folk getting romantic.

Instagram: @lb__88

7. This girl went for a wee swim.

T in the Park: mind n watch the puddles this year


9. This man brought his recycling bin with him.

Brought that bin to T all the way from Govan

His own recycling bin. From his house.

11. A wee bam managed to throw an apple through a moving police van window.

Facebook: video.php

From about half a mile away. "10 points for Gryffindor."


12. This boy decided to turn himself into a giant turd.

14. A man made out with himself on the big screen.

Because if you cannae love yourself, how the hell you gonnae love anybody else?


18. This "overtired" teenager thought he was a cow.

Some boy has turned up at our bit and just wants tae eat the grass

19. This lively lad showed off his incredible moves.

He's almost as good as Uptown Funk guy.


20. A hygiene-unconscious teenager drank a load of vodka out of his welly.

Not even 11:00 and hobbits drinking vodka out his wellies man😫😫 #TITP


22. And this girl did pretty much the same thing, but with bottles.

Ordered 'minature' bottles to take drink into Titp, moral of the story ... dont order offline πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚

23. And, of course, someone managed to steal an entire cash machine from the main arena.

A cash machine has been STOLEN here at #TinthePark.

"Cash On The Move": Aye, right. It doesn't get much more intense than this.