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    43 Reasons Absolutely Everyone Hates Fife

    It really is the armpit of Scotland.

    1. Let's start by being completely honest: Fife is a total dump.

    Flickr: cosmicherb70 / Creative Commons

    2. Everything you've heard is true, it really is ugly.

    Flickr: cosmicherb70 / Creative Commons

    Fields near Barnyards Marsh.

    3. And there are depressing housing estates everywhere.

    Stephenmccluskey81 / Getty Images

    4. In fact, most of the buildings are 1960s tower blocks.

    Flickr: 10935718@N06 / Creative Commons

    Harbour Cottage, Pittenweem.

    5. Not to be rude or anything, but what were the architects thinking?

    Flickr: yellowbookltd / Creative Commons

    Abbot House, Dunfermline.

    6. Seriously, it's like something out of a gritty crime novel.

    Flickr: flissphil / Creative Commons


    7. In fact, the towns are so depressing you'll wonder why anyone lives there.

    Flickr: bruce89 Creative Commons

    8. Plus the mean locals constantly bully and harass you.

    Flickr: jenosaur / Creative Commons

    9. You'll struggle to find somewhere acceptable to eat in Fife.

    10. And you certainly won't find anything fresh on the menu if you do.

    Flickr: pettifoggist / Creative Commons

    Line caught haddock and chips from the Anstruther Fish Bar.

    11. Plus, it's impossible to get a decent dessert anywhere.

    Flickr: designfeast / Creative Commons

    Sticky toffee pudding from The Doll's House Restaurant, St Andrews.

    12. Or even a wee treat for the kids.

    Flickr: flissphil / Creative Commons

    13. Or something for the grown-ups, especially if you like a dram.

    14. You won't see any rolling, pretty fields in Fife.

    Flickr: cosmicherb70 / Creative Commons

    15. Perhaps it was rural and unspoilt years ago, but not any more.

    Flickr: thehawk1 / Creative Commons

    Fields near Leuchars.

    16. And although Fife is technically beside the sea, you'd never know it.

    Geo246 / Getty Images

    Pittenweem harbour.

    17. It's pretty hard to access the coast as it's all so built up.

    Flickr: cosmicherb70 / Creative Commons

    The Fife Coastal Path in Anstruther.

    18. And if you do find somewhere with a sea view, there isn't much to look at.

    Jbyard / Getty Images

    19. If you're unlucky enough to get stuck in Fife, you'll find there's nothing to do.

    20. No surprising, exciting activities to try.

    Flickr: readephotography / Creative Commons

    Oceanics Surf School, St Andrews.

    21. And no interesting attractions to visit.

    Flickr: brizo_the_scot / Creative Commons

    22. Even the parks are a charmless disaster.

    Alanfin / Getty Images

    Pittencrief Park, Dunfermline.

    23. There's nothing remotely appealing or magical about a single one.

    Flickr: 101765004@N03 / Creative Commons

    Beveridge Park, Kirkcaldy.

    24. "Hey, will I be able to see any wildlife in Fife?" LOL nope.

    Flickr: hagdorned / Creative Commons

    Puffins, Isle of May.

    25. Fife has been completely wildlife-free for years.

    Flickr: pipsroadster / Creative Commons

    Grey seals relaxing on a buoy, Dalgety Bay.

    26. But the worst thing of all is its utter lack of historical significance.

    27. Fife doesn't really have any heritage worth mentioning.

    Meowgli / Getty Images

    28. It's such a shame.

    29. Everything is pretty much brand new.

    Flickr: evanwilsonphoto / Creative Commons

    The Old Course, St. Andrews.

    30. The whole place is basically just one big grubby car park.

    Flickr: pipsroadster / Creative Commons

    31. If you think a bit of snow might improve the scenery, think again.

    Flickr: chatiryworld / Creative Commons

    Lower Largo beach.

    32. In fact, if anything it gets even uglier in winter.

    Flickr: thehawk1 / Creative Commons

    33. Summer isn't any better...

    Flickr: gordon_robertson / Creative Commons


    34. ...autumn is indescribably joyless and bland...

    Flickr: cosmicherb70 / Creative Commons

    Cliffs, Isle of May.

    35. ...and spring is a sickening joke.

    Alanfin / Getty Images

    36. After just a single day in Fife you'll long to see something charming...

    Flickr: smartcommunityfife / Creative Commons

    A thatched cottage in Collessie.

    37. ...something scenic...

    Flickr: 101765004@N03 / Creative Commons

    38. ...something quaint...

    39. ...or just something, anything at all worth taking a photo of.

    Flickr: cosmicherb70 / Creative Commons

    The zig-zag pier at St Monans.

    40. Sadly, you'll be out of luck.

    Alanfin / Getty Images

    Aberdour Harbour at low tide.

    41. There isn't a single Instagram filter that could make Fife look good. / Creative Commons


    42. It truly is the worst place in all of Scotland.

    Alanfin / Getty Images

    Beach at Limekilns.

    43. You should steer well clear if you know what's good for you.

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