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    Updated on Jun 7, 2019. Posted on Nov 28, 2017

    21 Times Richard Madden Made You Say "Woah There, Sexy Tiger"

    Robb Stark: ex-King In The North, current King Of Everyone's Sexual Fantasies.

    1. When he showed us his "come to bed" eyes.

    2. When he shared this romantic dating tip.

    3. When he was ridiculously excited to meet this dog.

    4. And when he made a little girl feel like a princess.

    Owwww my ovaries.

    5. When he perfectly summed up who Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister) looks like.

    6. When he was a dork on the Masters of Florence set.

    7. When he confessed his love for Jurassic Park.

    8. And when he was a bona fide Disney geek.

    9. When he was like "oh hey, look, here are my nipples."

    10. When he told us about his best friends on set.

    11. When he got a kiss from Matt Smith.

    12. When he tried to predict the end of Game of Thrones. out of three ain't bad.

    13. And described how he felt about post GoT life.

    14. When he got hot and heavy in Channel 4's Sirens.

    Channel 4

    15. When he reacted to fans cosplaying as Robb Stark.

    "It's kinda like a big hug", aww.

    16. When he was told about his "sex stare".

    Thanks for making him self-conscious and ruining it for the rest of us, interviewer. Sheesh.

    17. When he was adorably bad at putting on a balaclava.

    Trying to look cool in a film about rally driving but getting it wrong. One of my favourite's with the insanely tal…

    18. When he bought doughnuts for his colleagues.

    Twitter: @reignftmadden

    Ahh, so kind.

    19. When he did this in a Grazia photoshoot.


    20. When he was given flowers instead of Lily James, and reacted like a true gentleman.

    21. And when he was a FREAKING DINOSAUR.

    Rich, you're the sweetest Scottish export since Irn-Bru.


    Please come back to Game of Thrones as a ghost.

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