This Is How You Should Actually Be Drinking Whisky

    (No) ice (no) ice baby.

    1. A “double malt” isn't better than a single malt.

    2. Don’t turn your nose up at blended whisky.

    "There’s certainly nothing inferior about a blended whisky like Famous Grouse or Johnnie Walker," says Trevisan-Hunter, who is a certified whisky adviser and a Keeper of the Quaich.

    “People’s perception is that as it tends to be less expensive it must be lower quality, but a good blend is crafted with much more intuition than a single malt. It's the careful art of a master blender looking at thousands of individual casks of single malt to create something very specific. It certainly isn't just thrown together!”

    3. Be aware that whiskey isn’t whisky.

    It’s not just a spelling distinction: American and Irish whiskeys are very different to Scotch. Trevisan-Hunter explains: “Irish whiskey is made using different methods, while U.S. bourbon is made with corn instead of barley and matured in fresh (rather than aged) oak casks. Fresh oak contains the same chemicals you find in vanilla, which is why bourbon has a sweetness to it that you don’t find in Scotch.”

    4. If you think you don't like whisky, you might have just not found the right one for you.

    5. Older doesn’t necessarily mean better.

    6. Don’t be afraid to use a single malt in a cocktail…

    7. ... or in a hot toddy.

    It's recently been proven that honey and lemon in hot water soothes sore throats just as well as many over-the-counter remedies, and adding whisky can be helpful too.

    “It’s probably not medicinal in the technical sense," says Trevisan-Hunter. "But adding a dram will lift your spirits and the flavours work very well with the other ingredients.”

    8. Serve neat whisky in a Glencairn glass.

    9. So here’s how to enjoy a perfect whisky. Start by pouring yourself a dram.

    10. Hold it up to the light to check its colour.

    11. Swirl the whisky around your glass.

    12. "Nose" the whisky before tasting it.

    13. Add a splash of water.

    14. You can add soda instead of still water.

    15. You can add ice if you really want to, but be aware you’ll be numbing your taste buds.

    16. Or, for extra refreshment, try a classic Rusty Nail.

    17. Alternatively, pretend you're in Mad Men with this Scottish version of an Old Fashioned.

    18. Or for something really special, try a Thyme Well Spent.