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What's Your Most Shameful Travel Confession?

"I accidentally pooed on a rat." – David Attenborough

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Travel doesn't always bring out the best in people.

Drunk Guy So Drunk On Plane That He Had To Be Taped To The Seat

And planes + booze are almost always a disaster.

20 years ago yesterday, Gerard Finneran got drunk on a plane and pooped on the drink cart. Tony Korneiser's column:

When you're travelling, you sometimes do things that you wouldn't normally do.

Maybe sitting still for a long period of time forced your digestive system to go a bit haywire?

Or maybe there was a time when you just couldn't hold it in anymore?

Claire just peed in a cup on the bus and it started leaking so we threw it out of the window and it got all over the car beside us😂

Or maybe, like frequent traveler Sir David Attenborough, you’ve even pooed on a rat?

#SirDavidAttenborough just revealed he HATES rats and once accidentally pooed on one when he had a dodgy tum. #NoLie

So tell us, what's your most shameful or embarrassing travel confession?

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