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    The 21 Most Mildly Annoying Things That Happened In Scotland In 2015

    "We will use your political party leaders as accessories.” – Alex Salmond, apparently.

    1. Greggs discontinuing their macaroni pie.


    2. Tesco renaming tattie scones.



    3. The loss of the lucrative ginger bottle refund.

    How will the nation's children afford pick and mix in 2016?

    4. Donald Trump. / Derek Blair / AFP / Getty Images

    Scottish man starts petition to challenge Donald Trump to a "square go":

    Let's hope he accepts.

    5. These stupid General Election adverts.

    tory advertising. insulting to all scots. getting increasingly angry with this rubbish "

    "Lol we're gonny steal all your English money, use it to buy Buckfast, and use your political party leaders as accessories." – Alex Salmond, apparently.

    6. Edinburgh Airport.

    This ghost of an egg and a tragic sliver of bacon cost an unlucky traveller £3.20. We were all mildly annoyed on his behalf.

    7. The ongoing, shameful lack of a Saltire emoji.

    BBC News - Celebrating St Andrew's Day - with the Romanian flag #Romania #Saint #Andrew

    It's OK though guys: Alex is on it.

    8. Scotland's failure to qualify for Euro 2016.

    England , Wales , Northern Ireland and Republic Of Ireland all Qualify for #EURO2016 Eh Scotland here's a message

    9. And, of course, the inevitable piss-take.

    Scotland finally achieve independence #Euro2016

    Shut up.

    10. Boris Johnson.

    A terrifying forecast of the upcoming #Jockalypse Rivers will boil and the sea will be turned unto stone.

    Tories reveal artist's impression of SNP role in a Labour government. #Jockalypse


    11. Craig Joubert.

    I know the Scots are angry (rightly so), but there are 1,578 REALLY angry Scots. #Joubert

    12. Plus whoever made this decision.

    Just found this. This is outrageous. Craig Joubert appointed assistant referee for Scotland against Ireland


    13. The Forth Road Bridge closure.

    The commute from Fife going well this morning. #Forthroadbridge

    Annoying for the people affected, even more annoying for the millions who aren't but who still have to hear about it on the news Every. Single. Day.

    14. This "heathen".

    Get that salad tae fuck.

    15. This deeply unfair bagpipe ban.

    The SNP is furious about a "bagpipe ban" at the Rugby World Cup.

    It's a fact universally acknowledged that Scotland can't rugby without them.

    16. Nick Griffin.

    @NickGriffinBU They look suave as fuck. If they'd released that picture before the referendum I'd have voted yes.

    Please let 2016 be the year he forgets his Twitter password.

    17. The Met Office, who officially ruled out ever naming a hurricane "Bawbag."

    @metoffice if the next Storm isn't named "Bawbag" then you are dead to me.

    Which is just racist tbh.

    18. Shitty, soggy Primark bags.

    .@Primark Petition to provide plastic bags in Scotland during the winter

    How the hell are we moving into 2016 without getting this sorted out?

    19. And, as usual, the fucking weather.

    20. Seriously.

    21. Sigh.

    Well, this is about the best that I could capture… #eclipse (Fife, Scotland)

    Giphy / Paramount

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