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12 Things That Celebs Looked Like At The 2017 Brit Awards

Brooklyn Beckham = a slightly cold nan.

1. Little Mix looked like Austin Powers fembots.

2. Wiley looked like a 19th-century zoetrope.

3. Brooklyn Beckham looked like a slightly cold nan.

4. Matt Healy looked like Mr Darcy...

5. ...Tom Cruise in Interview with the Vampire...

6. ...and 1700s astronomer Pierre-François Bernier.

7. Grace Chatto looked like a lost member of Abba.

8. Myleene Klass looked like Frida Kahlo.

9. Louisa Johnson looked like a feather duster.

10. Kyle De'volle looked like Justin Bieber's mugshot.

11. Katy Perry looked like a Hunger Games tribute.

12. And Charlie XCX looked like Effie Trinket.

May the odds be ever in her favour.