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This Is What Million-Pound Houses Look Like In London Vs Scotland

Would you rather have a hole in the ground or a 10-bedroom ancestral mansion?

Posted on Glenavon Manor in Linlithgow?

Bedrooms: Seven

Price: £1,100,000

• It's just 20 minutes from Edinburgh and has a tennis court and croquet lawn.

• Also features "Jacobean detailing", so you can pretend you're Henry VIII or something.


3. Do you want this high-rise flat in Fulham...

Bedrooms: Two

Price: £995,000

• The flat is on the 12th floor, so you do get a decent view.

• Assuming a 10% deposit and a 3% interest rate, your mortgage would be about £4,246 per month.


...The Old Manse of Blair in Bruar?

Bedrooms: Eight

Price: £1,000,000

• "Equestrian property" in Perth and Kinross with nine acres of land and space for a herd of horses.

• It's basically the Dowager Countess of Grantham's house from Downton Abbey.

4. Do you want to hand over £1.1 million for this boxy maisonette in Kensington...

Bedrooms: One

Price: £1,100,000

• Black furniture to match your black mood after spending so much money on a flat.

• Lovely balcony that seems to be covered in damp carpet tiles. Glenarch House in Edinburgh?

Bedrooms: Nine

Price: £1,175,000

• Eighteenth-century mansion in the leafy suburb of Eskbank.

• It also has three greenhouses, ornamental gardens, outbuildings, and a barn. It's basically a small village.

5. Want to shell out for this small houseboat in Wandsworth...

Bedrooms: Two

Price: £1,095,000

• This converted oil tanker has apparently been designed "with art collectors in mind", i.e., it has big walls.

• Would it be cheaper if you sailed it farther away from central London?


...this giant house in Edinburgh?

Bedrooms: Six

Price: £950,000

• Three stories high and has a basement, three reception rooms, and four bathrooms.

• It backs onto the pretty Corstorphine Hill nature reserve, so you can pretend you're in the countryside.

...Embo House in Sutherland?

Bedrooms: Ten

Price: £1,100,000

• The ancestral seat of the Gordon family, descendants of the Earls of Sutherland.

• Has six bathrooms, a library, chandeliers, a sun terrace, and a wine cellar. Plus, crucially, it's already been built.

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