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    13 Extremely Weird Moments From "This Morning"

    This Morning has always been there for us in a way other, less ridiculous daytime TV shows haven't.

    1. When Britain's Sexiest Cow granted a rare interview.


    If you thought things were weird now, back in March 2018 farmers were asked to enter their most photogenic cows into the #BritainsSexiestCow competition by tweeting a picture of them. The winner was Char, a delightful Jersey cow with on-point eyeliner, who (of course) ended up on This Morning.

    2. When national treasure Alison Hammond interviewed a tree.


    However, in the same way that Char wasn't any ordinary cow, this wasn't any ordinary tree. The thousand-year-old oak was nominated for European Tree of the Year, and it spoke to Alison via a "tree whisperer" named Holly, who interpreted for the tree, saying "it feels very exciting. Itโ€™s an honour." What a job.

    3. When 80-year-old Iris described (in great detail) her first night with her 30-year-old boyfriend.


    Iris met 35-year-old Mohammed online, then travelled to Egypt to meet him. She told Holly and Phil: "The first night was pretty rough, nobody had been near me for 35 years, I thought I was a virgin again. We used a whole tube of KY jelly, I couldn't walk the next day, I felt as if I'd been riding a horse." What a legend.

    4. When this woman โ€“ who is terrified of church bells โ€“ was made to listen to some church bells.


    "Becky has had a crippling phobia of church bells for her entire life...even the sight of church bells on television can cause her to leave the room," narrated Phillip Schofield, sombrely.

    5. When this woman's 'haunted doll' attacked her husband.


    The saga of the haunted doll is โ€“ frankly โ€“ way better than any Stephen King movie. "I hate dolls," says the woman who bought the doll, before explaining how she's convinced that the haunted doll caused mild scratching to her husband's knee. You NEED to watch the whole clip. DON'T HAVE NIGHTMARES.

    6. When a woman married her dog:


    She'd been on 220 failed dates, so 49-year-old Elizabeth decided to marry her six-year-old rescue dog Logan instead as she's "completely given up" on men. To be fair, we've all been there Elizabeth.

    7. And this woman married a ghost (here's a "close-up" of the ghost):


    Here's the ghost, sitting on the sofa. He's engaged to Amethyst Realm, who said her "good friend Bozack" named the spirit Ray. She allegedly met Ray in Australia, he travelled back with her on the plane and proposed to her on a tour of the Wookey Hole show caves in Somerset.

    8. When they Skyped a 'real-life mermaid':


    'Professional mermaid' Linden Wolbert was interviewed by Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby as a handler sprayed her with water, as if she was a dolphin. Linden was on the show to reunite with a 10-year-old girl with health problems who she'd helped three years previously, so we entirely support her life choices.

    9. When Holly and Phil spent the entire show dressed like this:


    The Wizard of Oz episode they did to mark Halloween 2019 has to be up there with the most surreal television moments of all time. The presenter duo interviewed guests while dressed as the Scarecrow and Dorothy, including a group of witches who all looked quite annoyed. British TV at its finest.

    10. When this woman couldn't stop eating her armchair:


    "After taking her first bite of soft furnishings when she was pregnant, Vicky regularly eats the foam filling from the cushions of her armchair, dipping pieces of it in tea, orange juice or covering them in chocolate spread." That sounds... expensive.

    11. When we met the couple who can orgasm by hugging:


    Phil's expression during this interview really does say it all. Apparently they can "go all night", which isn't a phrase you usually hear before the watershed. You can watch the full, and very enlightening, clip here.

    12. When this dad introduced his sex doll to the nation:


    Sex doll enthusiast Arran introduced Holly and Phil to "Samantha the sex robot". His wife was on set to watch the interview and said that well-used Samantha had "enhanced" their relationship. Each to their own, of course.

    13. And, of course, when Phil and Holly interviewed a 'human puppy':


    If you're wondering whether this is a sex thing, yes, it's a sex thing. Human puppy Tom Peters and his ex popped up on the sofa (well, she did, he wasn't allowed on it) to explain why he dresses up as a dog while letting her lead him around and rub his belly.

    Thanks for all the next-level weirdness over the years, This Morning!

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