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22 Times Scottish People Didn't Give A Single F*ck

Scotland has absolutely zero f*cks to give.

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9. When Glasgow police arrested Santa.

Oh no, Glasgow! #FreeSanta "@AliyahReh: #Santa has been arrested #Christmas is cancelled. #OnlyinGlasgow #glasgow ”

11. When this barefoot, taps aff legend decided to give busy commuters a break from driving.

“@STVNews: Man in tartan boxers caused disruption after running across M8 ” #onlyinscotland


16. When this hero decided to challenge Ryanair's notoriously strict hand luggage policy.

Yes, that is a luggage cart full of antlers. #onlyinscotland


17. When Zach decided that cocktails were more important than telling his family he wasn't dead.

“@ScottsRaids: 😂😂 ” #onlyinScotland #class