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    24 Edinburgh Meals You Won't Believe Are Vegan

    Pulled jackfruit quesadillas? Hell yes.

    1. Pizza at La Favorita.

    2. A tofu Ninja Bun at Paradise Palms.

    3. A black bean and roast vegetable burrito at Los Cardos.

    4. Chocolate orange, blueberry and vanilla, and fruit salad sorbet at Affogato.

    5. Pulled jackfruit quesadillas at the Bluebird Café.

    6. Artichoke risotto at Bread Street Brasserie.

    7. Tiffin and fritters at Café Milk.

    8. Aubergine and cashew koftas at David Bann.

    9. Luxury houmous bowl at The Brass Monkey.

    10. A vegan lorne sausage roll at BBL 65.

    11. Missy's Vegan Cupcakes at the Grassmarket.

    12. Baked aubergines in tomato sauce at Nom De Plume.

    13. Salads, falafel, and houmous at Forest Café.

    14. Vegan cheese, chilli, and guacamole-filled baked potato at The Baked Potato Shop.

    15. A vegan thaali at Kalpna.

    16. Vegan haggis, neeps, and tatties at Henderson's Bistro.

    17. Aloo saag, chana masala, and courgette curries from Mosque Kitchen.

    18. Tomato, pepper, and harissa soup at Union of Genius.

    19. Vegan carrot and pecan muffins at Meadowlark 39.

    20. Butternut squash and green bean stew at Breadshare.

    21. Vegetable dumplings with cucumber salad at Chop Chop.

    22. A Mediterranean "Seeded Ring" at The Piemaker.

    23. Vegan nachos at The Auld Hoose.

    24. A Piña Chocolata Sorbet at The Chocolate Tree.

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