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24 Edinburgh Meals You Won't Believe Are Vegan

Pulled jackfruit quesadillas? Hell yes.

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1. Pizza at La Favorita.

This popular Edinburgh pizza company recently added vegan cheese to its menu. Try the Greek Salad pizza with vegan cheese, spinach, oregano, and black olives, or the Vegetariana with cheese, mushroom, courgette, and mixed peppers.

2. A tofu Ninja Bun at Paradise Palms.

Ninja Buns are an Edinburgh take on Taiwanese gua bao: steamed buns filled with (usually) marinated meat. In this L.A. themed, neon-sign-filled bar near Bristo Square they're stuffed with delicious seared tofu, coriander, and sesame seeds instead.


3. A black bean and roast vegetable burrito at Los Cardos.

The guacamole and several of the fillings at this Mexican takeaway on Leith Walk are vegan. Try combining black beans with rice, guac, vegetables and the roastin' red salsa, or you could always opt for veggie haggis instead.

4. Chocolate orange, blueberry and vanilla, and fruit salad sorbet at Affogato.

Affogato is an Italian-style gelateria on Queensferry Street. They serve a mean vegan ice cream, as well as several vegan sorbets. What's more, they also have a shop dog called Epix who likes to greet customers. What's not to like?

5. Pulled jackfruit quesadillas at the Bluebird Café.

This compact Canonmills eatery serves delicious soul food, including these inspired quesadillas. A take on pulled pork, jackfruit has a stringy, chewy, meaty texture that marinates well and is – in short – a vegan's dream food.

6. Artichoke risotto at Bread Street Brasserie.

This gourmet brasserie attached to the city centre Hilton offers a three-course vegan menu on the first Monday of every month for just £15. Previous treats include this delicious risotto, chocolate torte, and a pumpkin, spinach, and Tofutti lasagne.

7. Tiffin and fritters at Café Milk.

This friendly Morrison Street café isn't fully vegan, but they always have vegan options, like these crunchy carrot fritters and fabulous vegan tiffin cake.


8. Aubergine and cashew koftas at David Bann.

These delicious, spicy, Middle-Eastern style vegetable balls are served with roasted sweet potato in an aromatic coconut and tomato sauce. This stylish city centre vegetarian restaurant also offer vegan desserts.

9. Luxury houmous bowl at The Brass Monkey.

Who could resist this spectacular, nut, lentil, and seed-filled houmous and flatbread bowl (especially after a few pints at this bustling Leith Walk pub)? Other boozy food options include a £9 vegan chilli dog with skinny fries.

10. A vegan lorne sausage roll at BBL 65.

BBL stands for "Breakfast, Brunch, and Lunch", which should give you a clue what this deli takeaway specialises in. The owners hand-make their 100% vegan square sausages in house, or you can opt for vegan link sausage instead.

11. Missy's Vegan Cupcakes at the Grassmarket.

Missy's is an Edinburgh-based vegan cake company who sell their indulgent creations (including banana choc chip cakes) from a stall at the Grassmarket every Saturday. You can keep track of their whereabouts on their Facebook page.

12. Baked aubergines in tomato sauce at Nom De Plume.

Nom De Plume is a relaxed, gay-friendly café on Broughton Street with a ton of tasty vegan options including vegetable bhajis, pakoras, vegan chilli, sweet chilli houmous, veggie haggis nachos, and a rotating dish of the day.


13. Salads, falafel, and houmous at Forest Café.

This volunteer-run, collectively owned arts space is also home to a veggie café that always offers plenty of seasonal salads and tasty vegan treats. It's also BYOB, so you can enjoy your own vegan beer and wine with dinner for a small corkage fee.

14. Vegan cheese, chilli, and guacamole-filled baked potato at The Baked Potato Shop.

This Cockburn Street potato shop is an Edinburgh institution, so it's great that the majority of the fillings on offer are vegan, and include veggie haggis, guacamole, and vegan coleslaw. They also stock a range of vegan desserts.

15. A vegan thaali at Kalpna.

Kalpna is an ornate, friendly vegetarian Indian restaurant in the city centre with a very wide range of vegan curries on offer. If you can't make up your mind, choose a thaali: a selection of their most popular vegan curries and deserts, plus vegan naan.

16. Vegan haggis, neeps, and tatties at Henderson's Bistro.

Henderson's recently transitioned from a vegetarian bistro to become Edinburgh's only fully vegan restaurant. The menu possibilities really are endless, but the veggie haggis, neeps, and tatties stack is particularly delicious.

17. Aloo saag, chana masala, and courgette curries from Mosque Kitchen.

If you're looking for great vegan grub on a budget, you can't do any better than the kitchen attached to Edinburgh Central Mosque. These three vegetable curries cooked with olive oil cost less than £5; seating is outdoors under an awning.


18. Tomato, pepper, and harissa soup at Union of Genius.

Union of Genius bills itself as "Scotland's first soup café" and judging by its success it probably won't be Scotland's last. The rotating daily menu always features at least three vegan soups, as well as gluten-free options.

19. Vegan carrot and pecan muffins at Meadowlark 39.

You don't have to be into yoga, pilates, or Tui Na to visit this yoga centre on Argyle Place, but you do have to be into delicious treats. Their café is packed with salads, cakes, and snacks, and there are always plenty of vegan options.

20. Butternut squash and green bean stew at Breadshare.

This community and volunteer-run bakery in Portobello always have plenty of vegan options, including this rich stew with freshly made vegan focaccia. Eighty per cent of their other bread products are vegan too, and they serve oat and soya milk.

21. Vegetable dumplings with cucumber salad at Chop Chop.

This authentic Chinese restaurant near Haymarket train station offers up a very wide range of freshly made vegan and vegetarian noodle dishes, dumplings (both boiled and fried), and side dishes like this lush, zingy cucumber salad.

22. A Mediterranean "Seeded Ring" at The Piemaker.

Like The Baked Potato Shop, Piemaker is another must-visit Edinburgh food institution that caters for vegans. As well as savoury treats like this Mediterranean vegetable ring, they also serve sweet vegan apple turnovers and cherry pies.

23. Vegan nachos at The Auld Hoose.

Not only are these amazing nachos completely vegan, they're also the largest in Edinburgh, so you can feast to your heart's content. As well as nachos, this relaxed city centre pub also serves vegan burritos, burgers, and a vegan sundae.

24. A Piña Chocolata Sorbet at The Chocolate Tree.

If you haven't visited this beautiful little Bruntsfield café yet, you're really missing out. All of their products are hand-made from fresh cocoa beans, including the dark chocolate in this inspired vegan pineapple and coconut cream sorbet.