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    19 Utterly Beautiful Ways To Use Heather In Your Wedding

    Heather brings good luck, plus it's pretty. Why wouldn't you want it in your wedding?

    Tim Lane / BuzzFeed

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    1. Include a sprig of white heather in your outfit.

    In the Scottish borders, white heather is added a bride’s bouquet for good luck. Or you can nod to the tradition with these lucky earrings from Etsy instead.

    2. Choose heather-coloured bridesmaid dresses.

    Like this gorgeous bespoke wrap dress, £119 from Etsy.

    3. And give these necklaces to your bridesmaids.

    As well as heather, this resin orb also contains gold flakes, making it extra special. You can buy it for £27 here.

    4. Or these unique pendants made from pressed heather stems.

    Get them here for £29.99.

    5. Use dried heather in place of confetti.

    You can buy dried heather confetti here if you don't have time to pick your own.

    6. Use live heather plants as a unique centrepiece.

    Twitter: @GardeningDIY1

    Your guests can even take them home afterwards as a gift.

    7. Make tea light holders using pressed heather.

    You can make your own by using varnish to stick the flowers in place, or buy some from this Etsy store.

    8. Make home-made heather soap as favours.

    Making your own soap doesn't have to be difficult: You can melt some plain bars and add heather and other ingredients like oats, gorse, or even whisky. Just follow this easy "melt and pour" soap making tutorial.

    9. Or try your hand at making some heather candles.

    10. Incorporate sprigs of heather into your bouquet.

    This lovely handcrafted bouquet is only £30 from Etsy.

    11. Or just use a large bunch of heather instead.

    12. Use heather for the groomsmen's buttonholes too.

    13. Incorporate heather into your invitations.

    Like these prints, complete with a decoration idea too! Get them here for £1.99.

    14. And use a heather design for your place cards.

    15. Have heather flowers embroidered into your veil.

    16. Decorate your cake with sprigs of heather.

    17. Use heather in your bridal hair comb...

    This one is £79, or try your hand at making your own using these instructions.

    18. ...make a floral heather wreath...

    19. ...or buy a fancy jewelled heather crown instead.

    This handmade amethyst heather crown is £155 from Etsy. Go on, treat yo'self.