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22 Photos That Prove US And UK Schools Are Worlds Apart

Yearbook quotes in the US: "I will succeed". Yearbook quotes in the UK: "I pooed myself in PE".

1. Exams in the US:

Chris Hondros / Getty

Exams in the UK:

2. School awards in the US:

School awards in the UK:

3. Signing yearbooks in the US:

Signing yearbooks in the UK:

4. School trips in the US: / Creative Commons

School trips in the UK:

5. Teachers in the US:

Teachers in the UK:

6. Leavers' quotes in the US:

Leavers' quotes in the UK:

7. Proms in the US:

Mario Tama / Getty

Proms in the UK:

8. School buildings in the US:

School buildings in the UK:

9. School activities in the US:

Timothy A. Clary / AFP / Getty Images

School activities in the UK:

10. School meals in the US:

School meals in the UK:

11. Dodging school in the US:

Dodging school in the UK: / Sunday Sport

Some things are clearly the same the world over.

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