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    24 Times Tumblr Perfectly Summed Up Life In Scotland

    "Are you looking forward to summer?" "I live in Scotland."

    1. When it reminded us that our politicians are the sassiest in the world.

    2. When it showed us why it's so hard to have a conversation with call centre staff.

    3. Or use voice recognition software.

    4. When it showed that there's nothing better than a perfectly timed Still Game quote.

    5. When it proved that we're an honourable nation.

    6. When it showed us that absolutely everything sounds funnier in a Scottish accent...

    7. ...and reminded us that Scottish accents aren't always as sexy as we'd like to think.

    8. When it pointed out this utterly frustrating fact.

    9. When it showed us that no one can evade Police Scotland: Not even Santa

    10. When it perfectly summed up Scotland's approach to health and safety.

    11. When it showed us that we're good at putting aside our differences.

    12. When it highlighted the fact that nothing can ever defeat us or break our spirit.

    Not even the weather.

    13. When it confirmed what the most dangerous animal in Scotland is.

    14. When it showed that haggis constantly crops up where you least expect it...

    15. ...and so does Irn-Bru.

    16. When it showed us that our pubs know the secret to a good night out.

    17. When it reminded us to never believe Scottish teenagers' status updates.

    18. When it proved that Glasgow shops won't miss an opportunity for a dirty joke.

    19. When it pointed out this inescapable fact about Scottish fruit consumption.

    20. When it reminded us that we're never going to get to see our favourite band.

    21. When it perfectly explained the after-effects of Buckfast.

    22. When it captured this all-too-real struggle faced by cross-border travellers...

    23. When it pointed out the annoying comments we face if we go abroad.

    24. And – most importantly – the agonising reality that we face if we don't.

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