32 Hilarious "IT Crowd" Moments That Will Make You Shit Yourself Laughing

    "Fire exclamation mark. Fire exclamation mark. Help me exclamation mark."

    1. When Roy gave a widow some unwanted advice.

    2. When Jen told this very relatable lie.

    3. And when Roy was even more relatable.

    4. When the guys tried to "look normal".

    5. And when Richmond revealed his beauty secrets.

    6. When Moss's brain rebooted.

    7. When Jen tried to explain "women's troubles" to Moss.

    8. And when he came out with this baffled line.

    9. When the guys tried to fit in at a football game...

    10. ...and failed.

    11. When Jen's date definitely didn't look like a magician.

    12. When Moss betrayed his deep-rooted prejudices.

    13. When there was a fire. At a Sea Parks.

    14. When Moss got stuck in a crane machine.

    15. When Moss and Roy realised they were doomed.

    16. When Reynholm decided to put his gun to the test.

    17. When Moss had to deal with a four, five, FIRE!

    18. And when the fire spread to his extinguisher.

    19. When they unveiled this dramatic anti-piracy ad.

    20. When Moss went off the motherflipping rails.

    21. And when he had to serve some time.

    22. When the toilet guys got a well-eared pat on the back.

    23. When Moss explained why he never opens his door.

    24. When Jen's IT knowledge left a lot to be desired...

    25. ...time and time again.

    26. *Facepalm*

    27. When Moss was immune to flirting.

    28. When Reynholm showed off his jazzercise moves.

    29. When Roy tried to drink like the English. And failed.

    30. When Moss won his treasured Countdown teapot.

    31. When he took his mad skills to the mean streets.

    32. And, of course, when he uttered this immortal line.

    Best. TV show. Ever.