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21 Times Sue Perkins Was The Funniest Woman Alive

"OK bakers, just 30 minutes left before Mary Berry descends on you like a septuagenarian velociraptor."

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5. When she invented this one simple trick to make your skin look twenty years younger.

7. And even ruder about Josh Widdecombe's face.


"It clearly is determined by when you live in history, what turns you on." Josh: "If I get a time machine, where should I head to?" Sue: "Middle Earth."

10. When she "helped" Nadiya.

11. When she really nailed this impression of a moose on the pull.

"Are you a parking ticket, cos you've got fine written all over you-ooooh!"

12. When she demanded the fruits of all the GBBO bakers' labours.

"OK bakers, that's time up. If youd like to move your bakes to the ends of the benches and just funnel them into my open mouth. Thank you."'

13. And when she stole all the crème brûlée.

16. When she couldn't maths.

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