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19 Times Scottish People Were A Hilarious Gift To Vine

♪ "Scotch pie and beans. Oh-oh-oh scotch pie and beaaaaaaaans." ♪

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1. When Scott improved Frozen.

2. When Gingpin was a hilarious sod.

3. When...this happened.

4. When this awesome grandma covered Desiigner.

5. When Bawheed confirmed Demi's theory.

6. When Gordy improved Michael Bublé.

7. When Scottish comedian Limmy spotted this movie fuck-up.

8. When this stump-kicker failed so hard he won.

9. When this trampoline escaped.

10. When Baz vastly improved this rave.

11. When PC Badboy showed off his moves.

12. When Limmy smacked his heid.

13. When Baz introduced us to the catchiest baked goods-based song in history.

14. Not to mention this one:

15. When it was all going down in Balamory.

16. And when Slippy remixed Corrie.

17. When Kieran's dug was a bit needy.

18. When this kid drowned out a numpty.

19. And, of course, when Scottish Viner Ryan McHenry created this timeless masterpiece.

Bye Vine, Scotland will miss you.