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    19 Times Scottish Parents Were A Gift The Internet Didn't Deserve

    If your dad doesn't compare your boyfriends to Hitler, is he even Scottish?

    1. When Ang didn't hold back.

    2. When this dad came up with a truly epic life hack.

    3. And so did this mum.

    Ma maw knows a hate shreddies, n she's been hidin the scran in here for fkn ages wit a snake

    4. When Jake's maw was hilariously unobservant.

    My brother's changed his photo on the staircase to Kim Jong-un and my mum still hasn't noticed after 2 weeks

    5. When this dad had a novel idea for getting chewing gum out of his daughter's hair.

    Run, small child, run!

    6. When Wendy decided to break it the hell down.

    7. And when this mum showed off her dance moves.

    family parties,, aye that's my maw AHAHAHA

    Oan yersel' Linda.

    8. When Claire's dad was a tad overprotective.

    Just looked on ma dads phone and the conversation he had with ma brother when I had someone over 😂

    9. When Hayleigh's mum came up with this genius idea.

    FKN HOWLING oot wi ma maw n she's brought her umbrella which is actually a hip flask in disguise

    "It's just rain, officer, honestly."

    10. When Connor's maw made this commemorative mug.

    Hahaha still canny believe ma maw got a mug made up from the time she met jay from the inbetweeners in ayr central

    What a truly special moment.

    11. When this dad shared way too much info.

    Twitter: @josh_caldow

    *Horrified face*

    12. When this mum forgot how passports work.

    13. And when this mum really, really didn't get Twitter.

    14. When Ellie's maw came out with this useful advice.

    my mum doesn't seem to understand exams

    15. And when David's mum was even less helpful.

    Aye mum just get me a pack of they bic pens for uni👍🏻 made a right cunt of myself whipping these out in a lecture

    16. When Paul's mum didn't get the point of a scarecrow.

    Fuck sake mum that's hardly a scarecrow, ad probably pump her

    SCARE-crow. The clue's in the name.

    17. When this lassie's mum had a holiday romance.

    18. When Devlin's dad used Geordies as mannequins.

    No way is ma dad making lassies try clothes on in Newcastle to see if a like them 🌚

    19. And when Joe won a dad of the year award.