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    21 Times Scottish People Were Genuinely Savage As Fuck

    We're nothing if not honest. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. When Mark got burned by his boss:

    2. When "Batman" really didn't hold back:

    3. When Ellie's mum scarred her for life:

    4. When Ryan was haunted by this guy's shirt:

    5. When this bar publicly shamed a punter:

    6. And when this pub didn't pull their punches:

    7. When Caroline just went for it:

    8. When Nick took down this student on Twitter:

    9. When Sal had no time for her mum's complaints:

    10. When Kyle's dad didn't hold back:

    11. When this guy made a spot-on point:

    12. And when Lee smelled bullshit:

    13. When Kai said what everyone was thinking:

    When you need money to fuel the corsa

    It's such a shame that they stop dancing when the Titanic theme comes on.

    14. When this bus driver wouldn't take any shite:

    15. When a neighbour left this note on a car:

    16. When Darren lured Greggs into a trap:

    17. When Jason's mum made herself very clear:

    18. When this wean was a total player:

    19. When the Sunday Herald roasted Donald Trump.

    20. When Hayley reviewed Mark's dinner:

    21. And, of course, when Hazel was the fiercest food critic since her namesake Gordon Ramsay: