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22 Times People From Glasgow Gave Absolutely No Fucks

"Sorry, this table's reserved for Fanny Man."

1. When this driver managed to insult people without getting out of his car.

2. And when this person managed to do it without even leaving the house.

3. When this guy decided to liven up his fellow Glaswegians' boring Friday commute.

Man in tartan boxer shorts caused disruption after running across M8 and climbing on cars

Maybe he was enraged by a certain car numberplate?

4. When Luigi took a zero tolerance approach to wee bams fucking about in his chippy.

5. When someone spotted this poster of Gary Barlow and just couldn't hold back.

6. And neither could this amateur theatre critic.

7. When this resourceful Partick shop worker didn't want a broken bottle of Lambrini to go to waste.

£2.99 for a plastic sack of perry? Bargain.

8. When a rejected Marvel superhero reserved a table in Bloc.

9. When someone started issuing these very direct "parking tickets" in the city centre.

10. When this guy decided the police weren’t feeding their horses properly.

11. When this cyclist took a novel approach to sport hydration.

Twitter: @theonly1iknow

"Buckfast makes you bike fast."

12. When a First Bus driver delivered this epic burn.

13. When this guy wrote the most comprehensive chip shop review of all time.

"A had a roll n chips 3 weeks ago and it was hum dingin...a ended up shitin ma pants during a toolbox talk the next morning. Beware."

14. When Grant decided to pick a thoroughly clear and accurate domain name for his business.

And a very literal number plate too.

15. When Rebecca decided to take on ISIS.

16. When this guy's "pals" decided he'd look much better clingfilmed to a lamp post with dildos for hands.

17. And when someone else clingfilmed an entire car.

And made their feelings about it abundantly clear.

18. When this lizard owner casually sparked up while taking his pet for a stroll.

19. When her fellow Glaswegians rated Mary Johnston the 87th best attraction in the city.

"Have you been to Mary Johnston?"

20. When someone decided to give Calum his five minutes of fame.

21. When Nigel definitely found a cat.

22. And, of course, when this guy took "taps aff" to a whole other level.

Glaswegians = heroes.

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