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    Posted on Mar 22, 2017

    Only A Genius Can Get 75% In This Infuriating Scottish Quiz

    You have been warned.

    1. Pixabay / BuzzFeed

      Correct answers: Beauly, Auchtermuchty, Ardgay, Kirkcaldy, Queensferry, Newport-on-Tay, Huntly, Grantown-on-Spey, Whiting Bay, Stornoway, Rothesay, Kelty, Dalry, Inveraray, Banchory, Aberfeldy, Pitlochry, Denny, or Paisley.

      Busby in Renfrewshire doesn't count as it's a village, sorry. But enjoy this photo of Paisley Abbey's big organ instead.

      Via / Creative Commons
    2. Correct! 

      Correct answers: Sunshine on Leith, The Joyful Kilmarnock Blues, and On Causewayside.

      Causewayside is just a street, really, but it counts as an area too.

      Via Giphy
    3. Correct! 

      Correct answers: Islay, the Highlands, the Islands, the Lowlands, and Campbeltown.

      The single malt whiskies of Scotland are traditionally grouped into six (it used to be four) regions, which have more to do with old regulations and taxation systems than anything else.

      Via Giphy / SMWS
    4. Correct! 

      Correct answer: Perth

      Yes, Perth is actually a city, despite only having a population of 50,000. Go figure.

      Via Flickr: rewbs / Creative Commons
    5. Correct! 

      Correct answers: Moulin Rouge!, Mortdecai, Miss Potter, and Miles Ahead.

      If you said anything other than Moulin Rouge you were clearly just being a smart aleck.

      Via 20th Century Fox / Giphy
    6. Correct! 

      Correct answers: Iona, Inchgarvie, Eorsa, Eriska, Ewe, East Burra, Uyea, Eilean Mhuire, Eilean Ighe, Ulva, Oxna, Eilean Shona, East Burra, Eilean Chaluim Chille.

      If you put anything other than Iona or Eriska, give yourself a big pat on the back.

      Via / Creative Commons
    7. Correct! 

      Correct answers: Turriff, Ullapool, (North or South) Queensferry, Borrowstounness (Bo'ness), Pittenweem, Bellshill and Bonnyrigg.

      Here is a lovely photo of Bonnyrigg mini market for you all to enjoy.

      Via / Creative Commons
    8. Correct! 

      Correct answers: Edinburgh, Inverness, Stirling, and Perth.

      Question says city, not town, so sorry Helensburgh. Ideas for town mottos for Perth: "Perth – We're definitely not far too small to be a city" and "Perth, Scotland – The second most popular place called Perth."

      Via Flickr: garethjmsaunders / Creative Commons
    9. Correct! 

      Correct answers: Ayr, Moy, Law, or Rhu.

      It's not Scotland's shortest place name, though. That distinction goes to Ae in Dumfries and Galloway. Rhu, Law, and Moy are actually villages, not towns, but you get a bonus point for knowing that they exist.

      Via / Creative Commons
    10. Correct! 

      Correct answer: Cranachan.

      It's lovely stuff.

    11. Correct! 

      Correct answers: Nicola Sturgeon (current), Alex Salmond, Jack McConnell, Henry McLeish, and Donald Dewar.

      Acting First Ministers don't count, sorry.

      Via Comedy Central / Make A Gif
    12. Correct! 

      Correct answers: Sutherland or Shetland

      Shetland is an island, but it also counts (aha) as a county.

      Via Giphy
    13. Correct! 

      Correct answers: Andy Murray, Chris Hoy, Liz McColgan, Jackie Stewart, and Ian Black.

      Ian Black won in 1958, Jackie Stewart in 1973, Liz McColgan in 1991, Chris Hoy in 2008, and Andy Murray's won it three times so far, in 2013, 2015, and 2016. The show off.

      Via BBC / Giphy

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