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    This Couple Shares Their House With A "Unicorn" And It's Beyond Adorable

    They are living their best lives (with a unicorn).

    This is Tinkerbell.

    She's a 5-year-old Shetland pony owned by Jim and Mhairi Connelly from Kilmarnock in Ayrshire.

    Tinkerbell's main hobbies are petty theft of snacks, watching TV, and refusing to live in a field like a normal pony.

    And who can blame Jim and Mhairi for letting her in? Tinkerbell is clearly too magical to rough it outdoors.

    Jim and Mhairi don't make a profit out of Tinkerbell's party appearances, but they do charge a fee and put the proceeds toward her expenses.

    Jim said: “We don’t make any money at it, with the amount it costs to keep a horse and transport it. But the gala days and fetes always want us there."

    The question most people ask them is the one you're probably thinking right now: "Does she poo indoors?"

    Oh Tinkerbell.

    Still, it's worth it. Having a unicorn in your house is definitely better than not having a unicorn in your house.

    Moral of the story: Live every day like you're in your very own Disney film, even if it's moderately impractical.