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22 Things Scots Do That Would Get Other People Thumped

Not wearing underwear, eating cheese-in-burgers, drinking all Hogmanay: It's great being Scottish.

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10. Being incredibly vengeful.

If a non-Scot put up this sign they would be referred for therapy. We get away with it because we're hot-headed, tempestuous, passionate people. And also because it's quite hard to get an appointment for anger management on the NHS.


18. Putting haggis on pizza.

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To be fair, we're probably the only race who would actually want to do this.

20. Conducting a whole phone conversation using just three words: "Awrite", "naw", and "aye."

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"And don't forget to buy your tickets." "Awrite." "Do you understand?" "Aye!" "You won't forget will you?" "Naw." *click*