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22 Things Scots Do That Would Get Other People Thumped

Not wearing underwear, eating cheese-in-burgers, drinking all Hogmanay: It's great being Scottish.

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7. Eating deep-fried fast food.

We thrive on batter-coated mystery meat burgers filled with bright yellow "cheese". They help us form a layer of blubber to keep ourselves warm in winter.

10. Being incredibly vengeful.

If a non-Scot put up this sign they would be referred for therapy. We get away with it because we're hot-headed, tempestuous, passionate people. And also because it's quite hard to get an appointment for anger management on the NHS.

18. Putting haggis on pizza.

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To be fair, we're probably the only race who would actually want to do this.

20. Conducting a whole phone conversation using just three words: "Awrite", "naw", and "aye."

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"And don't forget to buy your tickets." "Awrite." "Do you understand?" "Aye!" "You won't forget will you?" "Naw." *click*

22. Being very, very angry about things that happened in the 1300s.

"Bloody Edward I. I'll kick his heid in. Who does he think he is, eh?"

"Leave it Rab, he's not worth it. Also he died on July 7, 1307."

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