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19 Things That Piss Off Every Single Person From Fife


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3. No one ever remembering that we're home to the oldest university in Scotland.

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St. Andrews University was founded in 1413. Edinburgh didn't get a university until 1582, so remember that fact the next time someone says Fifers are dumb.


4. Er, and St Andrews students being prats.

Twitter: @PhilipsGrant

We're proud of the university, but it would be quite nice if we could go to St. Andrews for a day trip without having to interact with the people who go there.

7. Oh, and saying "it takes a long spoon to sup with a Fifer." What does that even mean?

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That we keep ourselves to ourselves? That we don't like to share? Er, you guys are the ones trying to steal our food with a long spoon; you're the problem here.


11. Attempting to park in Kirkcaldy on a Saturday.

Twitter: @raithmonkey

Or in Dunfermline. Or Rosyth. We have small towns, wee car parks, and lots of cars, because the public transport sucks bums. It's not a good combination.

12. Being told we're yokels who live "in the sticks".

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We're not exactly hillbillies: Fife has a big population and loads of sizeable towns. I mean come on, Glenrothes is hardly a rural idyll, is it? And despite what you may have heard, we don't marry our sisters or do questionable things to pigs.


14. When you search for "nearby" places and Google comes up with suggestions in Dundee. / Creative Commons / Twitter: Siobhan_R16x / BuzzFeed

See also: Edinburgh, Glasgow, and (occasionally) Inverness. What.

16. People thinking that Fife is a town.

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It's actually pretty massive, is made up of dozens of towns and villages, and was one of the major Pictish kingdoms back in the day. So now you know.

18. Other Scots saying we're rough or violent.

Flickr: vincepal / Creative Commons / Twitter: @chelseacrichton / BuzzFeed

Er, we're very friendly and welcoming, actually, as long as you're not rude, from Edinburgh, or trying to sneak spoons into our food.

Thanks to CJ Johnson, John Morton, Catherine Thwaites, and Allison Calder for additional suggestions.

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