17 Deeply Lush Comfort Foods All Glasgow Vegans Must Eat

    Freakshakes, brioche doughnuts, and Big Macs? Yes please. The vegan options in Glasgow just keep getting better and better.

    1. A Lolly Polly freakshake at Steak, Cattle and Roll.

    2. A "Hail Seitan" burger at Brew Dog.

    3. A crispy tofu bao at Kimchi Cult.

    4. A Philly cheesesteak sub at The Flying Duck.

    5. A sushi burrito at Temaki.

    6. Vegan brioche doughnuts from Big Bear Bakery.

    7. A full vegan breakfast at Rose & Grants.

    8. A macaroni pie from Cool Jerk Vegan.

    9. A shredded tofu chipotle burrito at Taco Mazama.

    10. A haggis pizza at Stereo.

    11. Smoked tofu tempura at Saramago Café Bar.

    12. A buffalo cauliflower pizza at Mono.

    13. Coconut and bean chilli nachos at The 78.

    14. Chocolate and cherry cake at Picnic.

    15. A breakfast burrito at Nice and Sleazy's.

    16. Vegan Burd chocolate bars.

    17. A Mad Chef V Mac.

    H/t James vs. Burger, Fat Gay Vegan, and Thoughtful Enterprises, a new venture that connects and promotes vegan cafés, restaurants, and bars in Glasgow.

    Kind Crusts in Glasgow has closed since this list was published, and has been removed.