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Everyone's Going Batshit For This "Harry Potter" Shop In Edinburgh

It's called "Diagon House", and it's on the street that inspired Diagon Alley.

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It's Diagon House, a Harry Potter shop in Edinburgh, and it's on the exact street that inspired Diagon Alley!


The shop is in an old building on Victoria Street; a gorgeous split-level lane in central Edinburgh.

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It's just a five-minute walk away from The Elephant House Café on George IV Bridge, where J.K. Rowling famously wrote sections of the first Harry Potter book.

And it's packed to the rafters with awesome things.

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Like these funky potion bottles...

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...and even Hogwarts acceptance letters.

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The turreted George Heriot's School, considered to be the inspiration behind Hogwarts, is only a short walk away from the shop.

The shop has been so popular with tourists (and locals) that they've had to bring in a queueing system.

Edinburgh gets super busy in summer due to the festival, and Diagon House seemed to be on a lot of people's "to-do" lists. They even had to hire a bouncer!


It's been a huge hit with little kids...

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The staff certainly look the part as well.

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Nice braces, guys.