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    The 22 Most Batshit Insane Things That Have Happened In The Highlands

    Want to see blemish-free nuts, or a big plastic willy? Come to the Scottish Highlands.

    1. This sighting of a deeply pissed-off stag.

    2. This elderly woman, who was spotted wheeling a 4ft penis around Inverness in her trolley.

    3. This unlucky sign placement.

    4. This snack served up in an Oban guest house.


    6. This disturbing battle in Inverness.

    7. This unfortunately-worded advert.

    8. This "diversion" on Jura.

    9. And this Highland traffic jam.

    10. This truly batshit advert.

    "There are no blemishes on my nut." Good to know.

    11. This impractical suggestion.

    12. This baffling "meltdown."

    13. Tom, who has built a 62-ton, whale-shaped boat called Moby on the shores of Loch Nevis.

    As you do.

    14. This disturbing discovery.

    15. This sweet, but badly-thought-out, proposal.

    16. This warning spotted in the West Highlands:

    17. This disgruntled pub owner in Inverness:

    18. These men, who are too sexy for their kilts.

    19. This incredibly vague sign.

    20. This bizarre hay bale sculpture.

    21. This selfie taken on the West Highland Way.

    22. And this salty news report about Kanye West.