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    21 Times Dawn French Proved She's The Funniest Woman In Britain

    Where would we be without The Vicar of Dibley?

    1. When she stole the show as Gryffindor's Fat Lady.

    2. When she pointed out the relative merits of Jesus and Sean Bean.

    3. When she perfectly demonstrated how to enjoy a chocolate fountain.

    4. When she said what we were all thinking about Johnny Depp.

    5. And then nearly made him crack up on set.

    6. When she came out with this undeniable truth.

    7. When she took one for the team to create the funniest sitcom scene of all time.

    8. And then put herself through it again a few years later, because she's a comedy trooper.

    9. When she had the most perfect reaction to this shocking information.

    10. When she was adorably hilarious about her on screen romance with Richard Armitage.

    11. When she gave you serious relationship goals.

    12. And even more serious wedding goals.

    13. When she was justifiably proud of her conquests.

    14. When she was a truly hilarious Easter bunny in The Young Ones.

    15. When she reminded us that women can do any job they want, despite having boobs.

    16. When she recreated (and improved upon) the famous upside-down Spiderman kiss with Bear Grylls.

    17. When she wasn't afraid to tell it like it is.

    18. When she was hilariously filthy on Twitter.

    En route to interview sue perkins. Am assured of a soggy bottom

    19. When she was a more convincing Björk than Björk.

    20. And when her expression said it all....

    21. ...time and time again.

    We love you, Dawn.

    Keep on being fabulous, you rude, funny, wonderful woman.

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