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    24 Photos That Sum Up The Difference Between 2007 And 2017

    Deconstructed tea? Fry-ups in dog bowls? We truly are living in Broken Britain™.

    1. Gin and tonic in 2007:

    Gin and tonic in 2017:

    Twitter: @magsmurph

    Is that...a flowerpot? And miniature lawn? Smh.

    2. Pubs in 2007:

    Pubs in 2017:

    So practical.

    3. Crisps in 2007:

    Crisps in 2017:

    There's absolutely no excuse for this crime against potatoes.

    4. Cups of tea in 2007:

    Cups of tea in 2017:

    Twitter: @_stroak

    It's deconstructed, of course!

    5. Newspapers in 2007:

    Newspapers in 2017:

    Literacy levels have definitely suffered.

    6. Mr Men in 2007:

    Mr Men in 2017:

    The perfect gift for your gym bantz geek squad.

    7. Soup in 2007: / Creative Commons

    Soup in 2017:

    "Can I have a lighthouse of gazpacho, please?"

    8. The BBC in 2007:


    The BBC in 2017:

    Dabbing? Really? BBC, no.

    9. Coffee shops in 2007:

    Coffee shops in 2017:

    Twitter: @EllieMadgwick

    Just put the hot bean water in a cup and shut up.

    10. Cakes in 2007:

    Cakes in 2017:

    Twitter: @Willie_Hmmm

    "How would you like your cake, sir?" "Just smash it the fuck down right here, ta."

    11. Hobbies in 2007:

    Hobbies in 2017:

    This is what YouTube has driven us to.

    12. Fry-ups in 2007:

    Fry-ups in 2017:

    Twitter: @wewantplates

    A dog bowl? Chips? This is the very last straw. Britain, hang your head in shame.

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