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    A Full ATM Was Stolen From T In The Park And People Can't Stop Taking The Piss

    "I'm tied up in a tent somewhere near Strathallan in Perthshire."

    At some point between midnight and 7am on Friday, thieves stole a cash machine from the main arena area at T in the Park, Scotland's largest music festival.

    A cash machine has been STOLEN here at #TinthePark.

    According to Police Scotland, the machine contained a "significant" amount of cash, and they're currently appealing for witnesses to come forward. Around 80,000 people attended this year's three-day event.

    Given T in the Park's reputation as a seriously (ahem) intense festival, it didn't take long before the jokes started to pour in, mainly from Twitter.

    There were plenty of gags about the ATM company's unfortunate "cash on the move" tagline as well.

    When the cash machines are called Cash On The Move at #TITP and then one gets stolen 😂😂😂

    And (naturally) someone set up a spoof Twitter account.

    With tweets like this, which parodied last year's "guy stuck in tent bag" fiasco.

    A Glasgow band called Colonel Mustard and The Dijon 5 made a replica and brought it on stage.

    Glad to see the @TInTheParkATM alive and well performing with @colonel5mustard at @Tinthepark #mustarddressenvy

    And this spoof ad popped up on an Inverness classified ads page on Facebook.

    Facebook: Inverness-Buy-Share-Swap

    £9,999? Seems a bit steep.

    Even celebrities couldn't resist poking fun.

    Imagine waking up in your tent with an ATM machine😱😱😱

    And the Scottish Twitter commentators were out in force too.

    How the fuck can ye walk oot t in the park wae a cash machine without somecunt batting their jawbone? Even dynamo canny dae that

    Loads of people wondered how the hell the thieves had managed to pull off the heist.

    At a Scottish music festival someone dragged off a full CASH MACHINE @Tinthepark they search ur bag for drugs but a CASH MACHINE? How??

    How do you steal an entire cash machine without anybody noticing? #TInThePark

    How a couldnt get into T with a can of deodorant but somebody could leave way a cash machine a will never know

    And a handful of people suggested that whoever managed to steal it deserved to keep the cash.

    How the HECK did someone manage to steal an ATM at T without getting caught ?????? They deserve that dolla purely for the exceptional effort

    See Whoever can steal a full scale massive cash machine from the main arena at T without being seen? They deserve every bit a money in it

    An attitude that almost definitely isn't shared by the police, T in the Park's organisers, or the cash machine company.

    Wherever you are, T in the Park ATM, good luck and god speed.

    Twitter: @TInTheParkATM

    Seriously though, if you did spot anything suspicious – for example, an entire ATM being carried through a muddy campsite – call Police Scotland on 101.

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