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    19 Times Jack Whitehall Totally Out-Bantered Everyone

    He really is Britain's cheekiest comedian.

    1. When he reminded us why we should all be very proud to be British.

    2. When he perfectly summed up how it feels to go into an Apple store.

    3. When he had top bants with a Dalek.

    4. When he shared this amazing story about his dad.

    5. And then we met his dad and the story suddenly made perfect sense.

    6. When he hit on his own voicemail.

    Russell: "I love him a little bit."

    7. When he had the best response to this The Very Hungry Caterpillar spoiler.

    Such an emotional moment.

    8. And the worst – but completely hilarious – response to this prank by James Corden.

    9. When he gave the performance of his life as a drugged teacher who thinks he's The Little Mermaid.

    10. When he defended "Blunters" with the firey heat of a million suns.

    11. When he made us realise that our lives would be much better if they were narrated by Stephen Fry.

    12. When he made this spot-on observation about Viennetta.

    "It's only, like, £1.50. It's ridiculous. It's so underpriced. It is a marvel of architecture."

    13. When he shared this brilliant teaching tip.

    14. When he showed off his incredible art skills by sketching Jimmy Carr.

    15. And his equally impressive dancing skills.

    16. When he terrified a Teletubby.

    17. When he penned this heartfelt love letter to everyone's favourite phone.

    18. When he perfectly summed up the cultural legacy of the Jonas Brothers.

    19. And finally, when he said what we were all thinking about portion sizes.

    "It's like Greggs going: "This sausage roll only contains 2% of your daily intake of calories. If you lick it."

    Thanks for letting us ride your banter train, Jack.