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19 Things That Happen On The First Sunny Day Of The Year In Scotland

Monday: Winter. Tuesday: Winter. Wednesday: Winter. Thursday: 20°C FUCKING ROASTING GET THE BBQ OUT PURE RAPID. Friday: Winter.

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5. You won't be sure whether you can actually trust the weather at all.

Sure, it looks sunny, but you've been caught out by that before, left the house without a jumper, and ended up being hospitalised for exposure.

8. You have to make some very quick decisions about your peely-wally winter body, too.

Should you really waste time shaving or using fake tan? Remember that one time you went to buy some Veet and it started snowing again before you got home? So risky.


12. And there's no way you've been organised enough to buy garden furniture, so you make do.

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It's OK though, it's Scotland. We won't judge you for taking your living room outside. Well, Steven might, but he's just some guy on Twitter. Shush, Steven.


13. People without a garden will indulge in the age-old Scottish sport of hanging oot the windae.

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If this person gets hungry, they can just cast a fishing rod out to catch themselves a Greggs steak bake. That's living the dream, right there.

14. Or go to an incredibly packed park to drink Dark Fruits with 104,902 other Scots.

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The minute you get there, you realise it's not as warm as you thought it'd be, and you wish you'd brought a jaiket after all. You never learn.

16. Your pals will insist on sitting outside at pubs and cafés, even though it's not really that hot.

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And you won't be able to say no, because then you'll be ruining the delusion that summer's come early, and you'll spoil it for everyone.


17. After a few drinks you'll think "fuck it, let's try and have a barbecue!"

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It will be underwhelming, in that way that impromptu Scottish barbecues always are. Mainly because you can't make a decent burger on a flimsy tinfoil grill from Lidl.