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    24 Things You Only See When It's Sunny In Scotland

    We're not equipped to handle hot weather at all.

    1. Pubs trying to create beer gardens out of fuck all.

    Twitter: @TheHangingBat

    "It's sunny! Quick, make a garden out of a church pew and some astroturf."

    2. And crap attempts to create pavement cafés.

    10 degrees spring is here. Govan's Gregg's has got the street furniture out. You could swear you were in Barcelona.

    3. Flat-dwellers stretching the definition of "balcony" to the limit.

    4. After all, who cares about falling to your death when you've got the chance to catch some sweet rays?

    5. Groups of taps-aff lads, out doing lad things.

    Really sad I'm not livin in Glasgow this summer because I won't get to see sights like this every day #tapsaff

    Form an orderly queue, ladies.

    6. And hot older guys showing off their sexy dad bods.

    Twitter: @lewiswake

    This photo gives a whole new meaning to the term "front bottom".

    7. People so utterly afraid of missing the sun that they do their ironing in the street.

    Twitter: @dingledon

    Why are you standing in the shade, hen? Surely that defeats the point.

    8. But that's nothing compared to the people who take their entire living room outside.

    Twitter: @Gregw222


    9. Teenagers who are so deeply sunburned their internal organs are probably on fire.

    Twitter: @weedinkyjim

    Most Scots need factor 274,207,281. Most Scots use factor 0.

    10. Jesus.

    11. People dying of hypothermia at the beach because they forgot that sunny doesn't = warm.

    12. And tourists laughing at us for sunning ourselves in 16-degree "heat".

    Cant believe it 16 degrees here #aberdeen #scotland cold wind all wear at least a sweater and local is sunbathing 🙈😜😂

    "What a pair of el numptios."

    13. Auld fellas sunning themselves on bollards.

    14. Or next to motorways.

    Perfect spot for a bit of sunning #tapsaff #Glasgow #M8

    So scenic.

    15. Topless drunk men doing sexy dances in the road.


    Like this hero caught on Street View in Partick.

    16. People sunbathing in winter hats and coats.

    17. And fully clothed businessmen sunbathing in suits.


    His tan lines are going to be a-maz-ing.

    18. People who collapse on the ground whenever the sun hits them, no matter where they are.

    Interesting place to sunbathe #Edinburgh #tapsaff #ConferenceSquare

    It's basically the opposite of solar power: solar deactivation.

    19. *Thunk*

    20. People having picnics in weird places.

    Twitter: @harrysbible

    Like this dual carriageway roundabout. So serene.

    21. And swimming in bins.

    Twitter: @tiffanycrawfo10

    Who needs to spend £10.99 on a paddling pool when you've got a wheelie to hand?

    22. And, of course, crap barbecues.

    "What are we going to barbecue first, Scott?" "The blue WKD."

    23. Because it rains way too much to bother buying a normal barbecue in Scotland.

    Twitter: @Cragglefish

    What's the point of spending £60 on something you only get to use one day a year?

    24. Which is why it's so important to make the most of the sunshine while it lasts.

    Sunbathing on kyles window ledge. #coonciltannin

    Even if it means hanging your hairy legs oot the windae.

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