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21 Struggles Only People Who Work For A Charity Will Understand

"Can you write this funding application?" "NO."

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1. We all love to help out charities once in a while...

2. ...but working for a charity is a lot less glamorous.

Mainly because it involves SO MUCH PAPERWORK. Risk assessments, permit requests, funding reports, volunteer rotas... The list is endless.

3. Receiving donations is amazing, but counting coins? Not so much.

Even if you have a counting machine, your hands will smell like copper for DAYS.

4. Volunteers are fantastic too, but sometimes they can be a tiny bit demanding.

"Hi Jane, don't get me wrong – I love your idea for a new volunteer rota system – it's just that it's 3am and I've no idea how you got my mobile number."


5. The two words you dread hearing the most aren't "you're fired", they're "funding application".

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Funding application forms are horribly complicated, but don't tempted to make them into a stylish jacket. Your charity needs the cash.

8. It's OK though, because you're rewarded in other, more creative ways.

Who needs a fat paycheck? You won the Fundraiser of the Month fish!


11. And you're repeatedly asked to "volunteer" to help with 6am weekend fun runs...

It doesn't matter if you work in a totally unrelated department: If there aren't enough event volunteers lined up you'll inevitably get the dreaded "can you help!!!!" email from the fundraising team last thing on a Friday.

12. ...not to mention bucket shakes.

If you work for a charity for any length of time you'll eventually be made to help with a bucket collection. It's inevitable: Just give in.


13. You can't even complain about your job to your friends, because if you do, you sound like a jerk.

"I have to work on Saturday night, it's so annoying." "Aren't you providing meals to the homeless?" "Yes, but... I'll miss Doctor Who."

14. Sometimes, you feel guilty about getting paid...especially when you have a great day.

...and there are lots of those.

15. Those are the dressing-as-a-daffodil days...

16. The "I'm proud of our volunteers" days...


17. The "Sure, I'll wear the sweetcorn costume, why not?" days.

18. The "I made something amazing happen" days.

19. Even sorting through charity shop donations can be fun...

...if you've got an eye for fashion.

20. These golden days almost make up for the crazy amount of paperwork...