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What's The Strangest Thing People Have Asked You About Scotland?

"Do you guys have electricity?"

If you're Scottish, you've probably been asked a strange question about your country at least once:

just got asked "is Scotland like the movie brave heart at all?" that was based on like, medieval times or something..

Maybe they assumed you live on a movie set...

What is Scotland like? Do you live in Harry Potter? — This is literally the best question i've ever been asked.....

...or maybe the questions were even stranger.

"Do they celebrate Christmas in Scotland" and "Does Scotland have orthodontists" were two questions I was asked tonight... @jackieyount33

If you're confronted with these types of questions, your usual answer is probably "OF COURSE WE DO."

"do you have mcdonalds in scotland?" "do you have ant and dec in scotland?" guys

It's Scotland, not some kind of parallel universe.

@acidwashluke do you have paper in scotland

Whatever the questions were, we want to hear them. So tell us: What's the strangest (or dumbest) thing you've ever been asked about Scotland?

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