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21 Secrets Midwives Will Never Ever Tell You

We really have seen it all. Quite literally.

1. We get annoyed when people think all we do is hold a woman's hand during labour.

2. You never get over the sense of wonder.

3. Seeing parents "get born" is amazing too.

4. And we live for "the look."

5. The feeling of responsibility is enormous and scary.

6. We think all babies are cute.

7. And we steal cuddles with them whenever we can.

8. Women are overly terrified of pooing during labour.

9. Some partners can be total jerks.

10. We get yelled at all the time, and threatened often.

11. You develop intense, deep relationships with people in a really short space of time.

12. Premature births are extra challenging.

13. We're at our busiest in autumn.

14. We sometimes have to remove babies at birth.

15. Our shifts are long, and we rarely finish on time.

16. We get virtually no breaks.

17. We have to deal with the constant threat of losing our registration or being sued.

18. Pregnancy doesn't always have a happy ending.

19. We cry a lot.

20. We often have very little left to give.

21. But we can't help coming back day after day.

This post was compiled with the help of an NHS hospital midwife. Also H/T studentmidwife.net.