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    18 Of The Most Batshit Insane Things That Have Ever Happened In Inverness

    "If you have seen Darth Vader on the streets of Inverness let us know."

    1. When Dobbies took their floral theme way too far.

    #unbelievable Flower shaped urinals in Dobbies garden centre, Inverness... #wtf ?

    2. When the deeply thirsty women of Inverness couldn't leave these guys' bollocks and willies alone.

    3. When this high street shop decided to dispose of their shop dummy in the creepiest way imaginable.

    At least, we hope it was a shop dummy.

    4. When a bunch of Kinmylies residents phoned the police because they thought they'd seen Darth Vader.

    Twitter: @hellywtf

    "Officers spoke to a man who they agreed could have looked like Darth Vader from a distance as he was wearing a long dark coat. It was established he was just out for an evening walk." He's not real, guys.

    5. When someone put up this truly WTF sign.

    6. When this Matt Berry lookalike threatened to make "spag balls" out of a poor bouncer's testicles.

    7. When the owners of this bar made their views on the smoking ban (and the UK government) pretty clear.

    8. When this guy used his car to advertise his divorce.

    Twitter: @Andyf0w

    "I'm divorced and delighted."

    9. When this happened:

    10. And this:

    Here is tonight's "Odd sights you see when door knocking and leafleting in Inverness", photo. A clown?

    11. Not to mention this:

    Men dressed as old ladies sat on giant shopping trolleys, line dancing.... Just a typical rainy day in Inverness xD

    12. When this gardening firm were (quite literally) fannies.

    13. When this slightly dim Yes voter couldn't quite figure out how window signs work.

    Twitter: @embogary

    "Vote SEY on September 18th!"

    14. When a bloody massive owl with a six-foot wingspan started attacking shoppers.

    15. When Lynda decided to invite any old random person to watch her kids at Hogmanay.

    Twitter: @neefie81

    (Her mates then told her not to, thankfully.)

    16. When the official Inverness Caley Thistle Twitter account had a public breakdown over a winning goal.

    17. When this farmer decided to turn his hay bales into a weird giant truck-scarecrow thing.

    Twitter: @GoNordicCruises

    "What do wheels look like, Angus?" "Sushi."

    18. And, of course, when a wee dirty left their knickers at the bingo.

    Twitter: @pat869

    Stay classy, Inverness.

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