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18 Glasgow Attractions That Are Really Crap

You need to up your game, Glasgow.

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4. SECC: "Best avoided unless absolutley necessary."

Flickr: opalsson / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed

"Horrible place, car parking a total rip off, freezing cold, vile empty spaces like a deserted factory, overpriced & poor catering. Best avoided unless absolutley necessary to visit some trade event."


6. The Tall Ship: "Nothing to see thats interesting."

Thomas Nugent / Geograph / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed / Via

"Okay, I consider myself interested in boats, ships, and most things nautical so how delighted I was to find that when I was visiting the transport museum, there was a special open day to the tall ship with free entry. Once on, theres actually nothing to see thats interesting apart from the fact that your on a tall ship."

7. The People's Palace and Winter Garden: "Crap."

Flickr: davilla / Creative Commons

"Was in the peoples palace recently to pass some time whilst waiting for my car light being sorted in auto electrics, what a load of rubbish, hadnt been in for a few years, and it will be another few years before im in again."

8. The Stand Comedy Club: "What kind of comedy club has a no heckling rule."

Trudy Stade / The Stand Glasgow / BuzzFeed

"This is a truly awful venue. It could have atmosphere if it wasn't for the RULES. No talking. No use of the bar during acts. No heckling. Honestly. What kind of comedy club has a no heckling rule. And the rules are enforced."


11. Glasgow Museum of Modern Art: "Nowt interesting inside at all."

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"Took few mins to walk round here and as my wife put in comment book at museum it's a waist of a nice looking building nowt interesting inside at all it worst museum ever been into anywhere."

12. The Necropolis: "A completely average graveyard."

Flickr: 99408200@N05 / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed

"I just don't get it. People go on about this. Members of my own family have taken lovers there on dates. I just don't get it. It's just a completely average graveyard on a crappy windy rainy hill overlooking an ugly part of town. Why."


13. Celtic Park: "Run down and smelly."

Paul Gilham / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

"This place is in a very poor region of Glasgow, I visited and found the place to be run down and smelly. I wouldn't visit the place again, the people seemed odd."

14. Kelvingrove Museum: "On the plus side its free and its dry."

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"I have had the misfortune of visiting this boring place twice. I had to be dragged back. There is no theme. You cant get interested in one subject and follow it through. The term 'jack of all trades, master of none' springs to mind. On the plus side its free and its dry. They dont charge because the place would then be empty."

18. The Duke of Wellington Statue: "Dont understand what the big deal is."

Flickr: diversey / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed

"Its a statue in the middle of the street with a traffic cone, dont understand what the big deal is and why this is such a tourist attraction! dont waste your time looking for it."